Police chase

UPDATE: A traffic stop Sunday by Chattanooga police took a more serious turn once officers learned the driver was wanted for felony warrants including kidnapping, 28-year-old Chester Phelps.

But when police tried to stop Phelps' vehicle, the driver fled, leading police on a chase.

Chattanooga police say that the white Nissan Pathfinder Phelps was driving fled "at a high rate of speed" before crashing into a Chattanooga Police Department patrol vehicle, and then into two other vehicle at the intersection.

When Phelps' vehicle came to the intersection of East 23rd Street and South Holtzclaw Ave intersection, he crossed over into the lanes of oncoming traffic to avoid vehicles stopped at the intersection.

That's when Phelps ran head-on into a CPD patrol vehicle that was not involved in the chase.

Phelps' vehicle then hit two other vehicles before coming to a rest.

Phelps then left the vehicle through the rear passenger side window, leaving a woman trapped in the front passenger seat. She was later extricated and her injuries accessed by EMTs at the scene.

The CPD officer was taken to a local hospital for minor injuries and was released later in the evening.

Phelps was evaluated by EMS, cleared, and taken into custody on felony warrants.

Inside Phelps' vehicle, police found clear plastic bags with marijuana, a white substance "consistent with crack cocaine" and scales for measuring weight.